APPA's 2021 Executive Summit

*New* Executive Summit Dates!

APPA's 2021 Executive Summit is in Partnership with


Virtual series will be held Sept 14-Nov 5, 2021
(periodic 2-4 hour sessions)

$599 for agency heads  |  $999 for corporate members

APPA's Executive Summit of Community Corrections Leaders is an exclusive leadership-focused forum. Correctional leaders must be the top-ranking individual in their agency to take part in this educational networking event. In addition to agency heads, a limited number of slots will be made available for community leaders such as judges, legislators, attorneys, non-profit CEOs, federal leaders, and APPA corporate members. Note: The dates of the 2021 Executive Summit have been changed to better accommodate schedules affected by COVID-19.

This unique six-week series is bookended by dynamic and purpose driven opening and closing sessions. Between these two larger meetings, attendees will collaborate in small groups to learn from their peers and create lasting professional relationships. Department heads will be coached on the enormous responsibilities they must perform as dedicated public servants, but also better learn to conduct themselves as business leaders – setting consequential goals to strengthen their successes.

APPA's Executive Summit will provide resources to elevate each agency's bottom line while strengthening accountability and public safety. Our primary focus will be the following four areas of learning meant to drive purpose and enhance results:

  1. Understanding yourself to improve your leadership.
  2. Facilitating an environment where team learning is nurtured.
  3. Measuring success.
  4. Creating more effective communication strategies.

Due to limited seating capacity for this event, please reserve your space ASAP!

Don't miss out on a wonderful, enlightening chance to take your leadership acumen to the next level!



APPA's 2021 Executive Summit is supported by:

Arnold Ventures
Correctional Management Institute of Texas
Annie E. Casey Foundation
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