Morning Plenary:

Death, Politics, and Red Tape:

Failing Forward in Community Corrections.

Monday, February 13, 2023

8:30 - 10:00am

Embracing a career in corrections is not for the faint of heart. Even the most passionate, committed, and capable professionals can become hardened, cynical, and ultimately burn out. In a field where change is hard and success feels short-lived, hope and passion can be in short supply. So how do we stay focused on the important work that we do, those we serve, and show up at our best each day? Join Dr. Alexandra Walker as she shares how to build hope and ignite passion by embracing what it means to fail forward in community corrections.

Remarks from Department of Justice 

Hon. Judge Karen Friedman

Hon. Judge Karen Friedman served on the Maryland Judiciary for over 20 years. In that capacity she served on every level of trial court and completed her service on the Circuit Court, the highest court in the state. Judge Friedman presided over Baltimore's Drug Treatment Court (DTC). DTC is a specialty court designed to help individuals who suffer from substance abuse and find themselves in the criminal justice system as a result. Instead of sending addicts to prison it places them in drug rehabilitation programs, monitors and encourages progress and provides them with all the wrap around services needed, including mental health services, to truly ensure success. Judge Friedman was known for her work in DTC and the unique way she handled all her criminal dockets- with an eye towards problem solving, rehabilitation and reduction of recidivism. Her approach is responsible for helping many individuals turn their lives around and putting them on a path towards productivity and meaningful contribution to the community.

Hon. Judge Friedman as of January 2022 left the Bench in order to accept President Biden's appointment to become the Director of Criminal Justice Innovation Development and Engagement at the Department of Justice. In that capacity she hopes to use her years of experience on the bench to help improve the criminal justice system nationally.


Dr. Alexandra Walker

Dr. Alexandra Walker has more than 20 years of experience in the field of reentry and behavioral health. She offers a diverse background in evidence-based practices, training, program development, implementation science, and treatment modalities. Alex has worked on a myriad of federal, state, and local justice initiatives and research projects. Most recently she transitioned from the Colorado Parole Board as Vice Chair to co-found and run the Alliance for Community and Justice Innovation (ACJI). Having managed implementation efforts large and small across the correctional space, Alex brings a wealth of experience in both community based and institutional corrections. She is well versed in the development, implementation, and measurement of structured decision-making tools and is committed to helping organizations reach fidelity to their highest impact practices and programs. As the Director of Community Relations and Strategy for ACJI, Alex provides tools, strategies, research and evaluation supports for implementation efforts at the state and local level, coaches leaders on implementation and staff engagement efforts, and develops practices and resources for specialized populations with organizations across the country.

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