2018 Resource Kit Coming in April!

The theme for this year’s PPP Week is Clients, Communities, Employees: Empowerment through Partnerships – it is the same theme we are using for the 42nd Annual Training Institute where our workshops and, to some degree, our plenary sessions will highlight collaboration and teamwork. Many in the field would agree that our work requires, a multi-pronged holistic approach. The “triangle of success” is formed by study, theory, and practice; in comparison, the “triangle of success in community corrections/supervision” is formed by clients, communities, and employees. The synergy of the three elements equates to positive outcomes for those under supervision and society as a whole. To have the best chance of success means that each component must be a present, and active participant in strategies for goal-oriented, positive outcomes.

The client must be ready for change, held accountable for his/her actions, and willing to do the work, i.e., engaged in the proper level of effective services and interventions. The community must house the appropriate support systems which include local partnerships and resources to assist with the identified needs, employment and skills development, education, and any other programming that will help in reintegrating individuals back into the community. And the employee, the pinnacle, must employ and embrace an extensive portfolio of tools including, but not limited to: a body of knowledge regarding best and/or evidence-based practices; an individualized approach that focuses on the “whole” person’s quality of life; and a willingness to engage in a dynamic way with the client, families, decision-making authorities, private, public, and not-for-profit organizations. To effect change, the collaborative, team approach requires that the work of all components of the “triangle of success in community corrections/supervision” must point to efforts to reduce recidivism.

During PPP Week we salute and celebrate the success of the amazing “PO/employee” – these are the community corrections/supervision professionals who make our country safer – performing work that is emotionally demanding and sometimes dangerous; yet, necessary. These individuals help change lives of men/women and boys/girls, as well as enhance the quality of life in our communities. Unlike most professions, this industry shepherds public safety, and public safety is personal to all of us.

Thanks for the incomparable role you play in the “triangle of success in community corrections/supervision!”