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Hawkins County

"Hawkins County" is a novel of historical fiction based on real life experiences of the author as a small-town Juvenile Probation Officer. Jack Johnson, a cocky, wise-cracking college grad, thinks he's lucked out when he lands the Juvenile Probation Officer job in Hawkins County. He soon discovers he's taken on a difficult task as he battles not only the troubled lives, but also, the senseless deaths of youths he is assigned to supervise. Does he have what it takes to turn this job into his career, find romance, and establish a new home in Hawkins County? Although fictionalized, this bittersweet story is based on real people and events in a small, rural county.

But "Hawkins County" is more than a corrections casework study. It's also a trip back to the 1970's, and it's all here --the movies, the tunes, the jokes, the humor, the heartache, Vietnam -- all the elements that influenced our lives during the era. "Hawkins County" is written for baby boomers, Vietnam veterans, police officers, social workers, youth counselors, probation officers--yes, even juvenile delinquents and others who found themselves on the wrong side of the law--and everyone else who savors a nostalgic story about life as it happened in the 1970's.

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