Constitution & Bylaws

We, the members of the American Probation and Parole Association, recognize the crucial need to reduce the incidence of criminal and dysfunctional behavior by persons under supervision and to reduce recidivism through the practice of probation, parole and community corrections. We work to protect society by providing information to the criminal and juvenile justice systems and services to persons under supervision which lead to the reduction of risk to re-offend while increasing the individual's ability to function as a law abiding citizen. We strive to further serve our communities by addressing the needs of victims through restitution and other types of community service programs.

We hereby: Commit ourselves to the improvement of probation, parole and community correction practices at all levels by fostering the development of necessary knowledge, skills, resources and legislation for the most effective and efficient service delivery system possible.

In order to achieve these ends, we shall further commit ourselves to the promulgation of appropriate standards and guidelines, which will enhance the professional status of probation, parole and community corrections personnel and thereby secure the confidence and respect of the citizenry. We will promote policies and provide training, information, services and benefits that improve and enhance our constituents' skills, knowledge, work environment and physical, psychological and financial well-being. To accomplish the above noted aims, we, the members of the American Probation and Parole Association, do hereby adopt and dedicate this constitution.