Vision Statement

We see a fair, just and safe society where community partnerships are restoring hope by embracing a balance of prevention, intervention and advocacy.
We seek to create a system of Community Justice where:
  • A FULL RANGE of SANCTIONS and SERVICES provides public safety by insuring humane, effective, and individualized sentences for offenders, and support and protection for victims;
  • PRIMARY PREVENTION INITIATIVES are cultivated through our leadership and guidance;
  • OUR COMMUNITIES are EMPOWERED to own and participate in solutions;
  • RESULTS are measured and direct our service delivery;
  • DIGNITY and RESPECT describe how each person is treated;
  • STAFF are EMPOWERED and supported in an environment of honesty, inclusion, and respect for differences;
  • PARTNERSHIPS WITH STAKEHOLDERS lead to shared ownership of our vision.

Goals and Objectives
The goals of the American Probation and Parole Association are as follows:
  • to encourage public awareness of probation and parole
  • to pursue certification of probation and parole programs on a national basis
  • to encourage participation of line personnel in the American Probation and Parole Association programs
  • to develop standards for probation and parole programs
  • to establish regional training programs
  • to develop membership internationally in order to become a unified voice for community corrections
  • to sponsor training opportunities for all levels of practitioners giving the membership and others the opportunity to keep current with practices, issues and innovations as well as continuing to develop professional skills
  • to provide technical assistance through a broad membership network by identifying those individuals and jurisdictions who can provide assistance to others
  • to recognize outstanding contributions in the field of community corrections and administer a national awards program
  • to provide a public information system
  • to conduct research and develop activities in support of the field of community corrections