eLearning Series

Distance Learning for Rural Probation and Parole Agencies and Practitioners

The Bureau of Justice Assistance awarded a 12-month grant to the American Probation and Parole Association to provide training to probation and parole practitioners, especially those working in rural areas. Recognizing that officers in rural agencies often do not have access to traditional classroom events, this project has produced training using distance-learning methodologies. Four audio teleconferences/webcasts on probation and parole issues and recommended strategies for effective offender supervision have been presented. The recordings of these training programs are now available for viewing.

Training in this Series
  1. Supervising Gang Members in Rural Communities
  2. Implementing Evidence-Based Supervision Practices in Rural Agencies
  3. Rural Agency Collaboration: Sharing Administration and Services
  4. Expert Generalists - Doing It All as a Rural Probation Officer