American Probation and Parole Association
Executive Summit of Community Corrections Leaders

"From Transactional to Transformational Leadership"

In partnership with:

National Insitute of Corrections


September 14 - November 5, 2021

This virtual event is a six-week forum exclusively available to leaders across the community corrections field — at all levels of government. If space permits, registration will be extended to judges, non-profit CEOs, and corporate members of APPA.

Goals of this Summit

  • Assist leaders in developing a plan for necessary changes and future initiatives in their respective organizations, using practical strategies.
  • Provide leaders with an increased level of self-awareness through assessment and reflection.
  • Increase leader’s capacity to accomplish work through others and enhance outcomes.

What You Get

  • Real-time engagement in plenary and breakout sessions
  • Opportunity to collaborate and build lasting professional relationships with peers
  • Access to readings and other media resources
  • Small group coaching focused on leadership with an emphasis on results




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Opening Plenary

September 14


Aaron Montgomery

Chief Strategy Officer, Mission Lane

Aaron will kick-off our training by tailoring his remarks to the four strategic discussion points. As a transformative leader, he will speak to the audience about why a business leader and a government leader have the same goals - just different products and/or services.

The opening will also feature a panel of key stakeholders, made up of individuals with a diverse understanding of the justice system, who will respond and react to the keynote speaker’s (TBA) remarks. They will also share their experiences translating a “business model” to public service and will discuss their perspectives of the role of community corrections leaders.


Anne Precythe

Director, Missouri Department of Corrections

Genevieve Martin

Executive Director, Dave’s Killer Bread Foundation

Kemba Smith Pradia

Wife, mother, public speaker, advocate, consultant, and author of Poster Child

Rick Youngblood

Idaho State Representative, representing District 12B

Breakout Sessions

September 20 – October 28

Bookended by the dynamic and purpose driven opening and closing sessions, leaders will also collaborate in facilitator-led groups that will challenge their thinking and approach. They will be coached on the enormous responsibilities they must perform as a dedicated public servant who is committed to community corrections transformation. Leaders will better understand the need to conduct themselves like a business leader - setting consequential goals to strengthen successes.

Guided by skilled facilitators, each cohort (small groups of roughly 20) will start with pre-recorded speaker interviews from other leaders in the field which will spark discussion and thinking around four topics.

  1. Know Yourself First
  2. Create a Learning Environment
  3. Measure Success
  4. Develop Communication Strategies

The topics provide a sound overview from which participants will be able to use across multiple projects to achieve the goals of the summit — drive purpose.


Brian Lovins, Ph.D.

Principal, Justice System Partners (JSP)

Hope Cooper

Deputy Secretary - Community and Field Services, KS DOC

Gregory Dillon, Ph.D.

Director, Brazoria County Community Supervision and Corrections Department

Michael Nail

Commissioner, Georgia Department of Community Supervision

Leaders will return to their respective offices and begin to contemplate how to apply the concepts; then return for another session on the topic to share how they used or plan to use what they heard within their work environments.

Closing Plenary

November 5


Amir Ghannad

Author of The Transformative Leader, and co-founder of The Ghannad Group

The closing speaker will tailor his remarks to the four strategic discussions topics and will summarize the executive summit presentations. Most of his message will be around the importance of purpose-driven, transformational leadership.


  1. How many hours per week?
    For the breakout sessions, a total of four hours will be dedicated to each topic. There will be two, two-hour sessions each week for four weeks.
  2. What will the other two weeks include?
    The opening and closing sessions (both two hours each).
  3. What is meant by “facilitator-led” discussions?
    Facilitators will draw out the knowledge and participation of the leaders. They will kick off the first session of each topic by showing the associated recorded message from a leader-peer, and the discussions will begin.
  4. What should leaders expect during the sessions?
    Leaders will react/respond to the recorded messages which will be received in advance. Between sessions one and two for each topic, leaders will apply the concept to their work, as appropriate. For the second session, participants will talk about how they applied or expect to use the information gained to lead their agencies.
  5. Will there be any resources provided or suggested? Yes, materials will include resources that leaders can go to in the future to delve deeper into a given strategy based on their area(s) of focus. Leaders will also receive a book, The Transformative Leader, authored by the closing speaker.

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