Closing Plenary | February 2, 11:00am EST

Your Attitude Determines Your Success

For our in-person and virtual audiences!

The speaker for our closing plenary is Dr. Earl Suttle, Founder/CEO of Leadership Success International. Dr Suttle's message is entitled, Your Attitude Determines Your Success. He will address how to develop a more positive attitude and mindset as a leader – both in the office and while working remotely. LEARN MORE »

Dr. Suttle says your attitude is not everything, but it is the main thing that makes a big difference in your organization. This session focuses on how to develop a more positive attitude and mindset in the workplace as a leader, especially during these uncertain times. He walk away with a better understanding of embracing change in the workplace, even working remotely and how to become change-skilled in handling it.

Key points Dr. Suttle will address include:


Dr. Earl Suttle

CEO and founder of Leadership Success International, LLC

Dr. Earl Suttle

CEO and founder of Leadership Success International, LLC

Dr. Earl Suttle is the CEO and founder of Leadership Success International, LLC, an international consulting and training company based in Atlanta, GA. The firm works with businesses and organizations to increase their profits and productivity through developing their greatest resource: their people. Through his live seminars, webinars, and private executive coaching sessions, Dr. Earl has empowered thousands of individuals to achieve greater success and enabled companies to become world-class.

Dr. Suttle has also conducted keynote consulting and training seminars for many corporations, law enforcement and government agencies such as Aflac Insurance, AT&T Corporation, Bartow County Sheriff’s Department, Delta Air Lines, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice, Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, Parole Association of Georgia.

Dr. Earl is a highly sought-after speaker and author of 9 best-selling books and numerous CDs on leadership. He has appeared on CNN and been featured in Ebony and InStyle magazines. His remarkable insights and powerful, practical tools excite, energize and elevate his audiences to exceptional greatness.

He and his wife, Felicia, make their home in Atlanta.




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