Safety Protocols

Masks are now required to attend the onsite training institute. This update has been made to ensure the health and safety of all attendees, volunteers, and staff members during our training institute As previously stated, APPA and the Renaissance Hotel will continue to closely monitor state and CDC safety guidelines and protocols in order to make appropriate adjustments.

Safety measures for the well-being of all, including the CDC "recommendation" that even fully vaccinated individuals wear face coverings for indoor functions, are at the forefront of our thoughts as we plan for your arrival in Atlanta. All who wish to follow recommended social distancing and mask usage are urged to do so.

APPA requires the following safety guidelines for ALL attendees, volunteers, and staff but especially those who are immunocompromised.

  • Wear mask indoors, especially during transition time between sessions (APPA staff will wear masks at all times).
  • Utilize sanitizing stations before entering/leaving the classrooms and plenary sessions.
  • Practice proper social distancing.
  • Verify vaccination status at registration.
  • Always keeping your vaccination card on your person. APPA and the hotel will not require vaccination cards to attend the institute, but other businesses may require them for entry. APPA and the hotel are not responsible for the vaccination card or mask requirements for any businesses unrelated to the institute.

APPA is working closely with the Renaissance Hotel to ensure all guests are provided a healthy and successful experience from the preparation through the execution of the event. The hotel has implemented a multi-pronged approach to meet the health and safety requirements of their "Commitment to Clean" standards which includes:

  • Enhanced cleaning technologies including sanitizing electrostatic sprayers and the use of hospital-grade disinfectants.
  • Increased cleaning frequency.
  • Social distancing signage and sanitizing stations throughout the hotel.
  • Contactless check-in/check-out.
  • Contactless service requests.
  • Contactless food & beverage services.

As we start the training institute, there may be additional optional or required guidelines for safety measures.

Safety First!




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