PPPS Week - July 16-22, 2023

A Letter From The Executive Director/CEO

Perhaps you have heard about the Stronger Together Movement which is a national crusade to break down walls and bring people together to learn, talk, work, and celebrate so that America may flourish. The mission is to move society beyond divisiveness by creating opportunities for people to solve problems together. Similarly, but with a specific target audience of community supervision stakeholders, APPA is championing the importance of creating opportunities for POs at all levels to work together to find solutions to the challenges we face in our field.

As such, throughout this calendar year, APPA will adopt the theme, Stronger Together beginning with Pretrial, Probation and Parole Supervision (PPPS) Week. Due to the particular complexities of the past few years, it is more imperative than ever that we work together. In 2023, every program, project, and initiative APPA leads will be thoughtful and intentional as it relates to our mantra – we are stronger together!

For example, Stronger Together will be on full display during APPA’s 48 Annual Training Institute, August 27-30. Distinctive features will include but are not limited to a Women’s Symposium; Juvenile Justice Forum; Implementation Leadership Academy event; Community Corrections Chase (team building, networking, and learning challenge); and APPA’s first job fair for formerly incarcerated individuals. We expect more than 2,000 attendees in New York, and hope many of you will join us.

Of course, as we celebrate PPPS Week this year, APPA will pay homage to our field and the people who do this thankless work. As an association focused on community supervision, each day APPA endeavors to support and assist both members and other stakeholders in the quest to increase successful outcomes. I hope you agree that stronger together is not just a phrase, it is an action! As we celebrate the amazing practitioners in our field, let us continue to lead the crusade, like the Stronger Together Movement, to break down walls and bring people together on our journey to elevate community supervision!

The staff and members of the Board of Directors join me in expressing appreciation for your ongoing commitment and your incredible resilience. You are applauded for your efforts to transform our field and you have our support every step of the way. While PPPS Week is a special time to celebrate, each day you are valued and recognized for your important work.

Again, we are stronger together!

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Potrait of Veronica Cunningham
Veronica Cunningham, Executive Director