A Letter From The Executive Director

During Pretrial, Probation and Parole Supervision Week (PPPS Week) 2019, the American Probation and Parole Association (APPA) acknowledges the important work of community corrections and supervision professionals at all levels. On behalf of the staff of APPA and its Board of Directors, thank you for your tireless efforts to assist justice-involved individuals in their quest for successful reentry. You are compassionate, dedicated, and thoughtful, both as individuals and collectively, and we celebrate your work to create positive outcomes.

Each community corrections sector is a significant spoke in the criminal justice wheel. A vast number of individuals arrested in America will come in contact with a pretrial, probation, or parole officer (PO) at some point. From every region of the United States, the roughly 100,000 strong and courageous men and women of PPPS must make an immeasurable impact on public safety for all of us. As such, it is imperative we work together to ensure the essential work of POs is bespoken. For example, we must change laws, policies, and practices that affect success stories; ensure there is data that justifies and substantiates the work of POs; and publicize community corrections efforts and values.

As APPA prepares for its 44th Annual Training Institute which will be held in San Francisco, CA, August 18 - 21, POs are encouraged to consider the theme, Passion, Courage, and Endurance: Transforming Community Corrections. It speaks to the noteworthy changes to the adult and juvenile justice systems, not just from an infrastructure, operations, or programmatic perspective, but also with a renewed look at employee engagement, professional development, and health and wellness strategies for community corrections employees. It will be great to hear about celebrations of passion, courage, and endurance during PPPS Week!

POs throughout America and across the globe, APPA appreciates your efforts, not just during PPPS Week but for what you do each day! On behalf of your professional membership association, the American Probation and Parole Association, thank you for your service!