July 1, 2021

APPA Proudly Presents New IDA Web Application

Impaired Driving Assessment Web Tool

APPA has launched the first web-based version of the IDA. IDA users can now document client data in a user-friendly cloud-based portal accessible from any web device. The new IDA web-app will automatically score the assessment responses. The generated score report summary will allow evaluators to estimate risk and detail suggested supervision guidelines. Users will now be able to review all cases with a few clicks of a button and export/print your data as needed.

APPA, with the support of the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, is proud to host this computerized tool for community supervision officers nationwide. Visit the IDA Resource Center page for more information on the IDA. Agencies and evaluators wishing to use transition to the new web-application should contact Megan Foster, APPA Program Analyst, for next steps.