Collaboration Requests

We intend for the IDA to become widely used across multiple jurisdictions and with diverse populations involved with the justice system. APPA is interested in conducting further research to evaluate the performance of the IDA in order to answer these questions, among others:

  • What is the predictive validity of the IDA for new impaired-driving arrests, exclusively, across multiple jurisdictions?
  • Do certain items on the IDA have more statistical power than others in predicting recidivism?
  • Are there differences between males and females in terms of risk and needs the IDA should consider?
  • Should additional factors be taken into consideration for non-alcohol impaired-driving offenses?
  • How well does the IDA perform compared to general risk assessments in identifying clients most suitable for specialty court programs?

Agencies with staff members who have undergone the proper training and have resolved any technical issues related to using the IDA are eligible to work with APPA on individual research studies.

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