hyatt regency miami   |   400 SE 2nd Ave   |   Miami, FL 33131

hyatt regency miami
400 SE 2nd Ave   |   Miami, FL 33131

Countdown to 2019 Winter Training Institute

What can our Training Institute Do for you?

The American Probation and Parole Association’s 2019 Winter Training Institute in Miami gives an interactive learning experience for professionals involved in the community corrections, juvenile justice, and treatment professions in the United States, its territories, and several other countries. Through workshops, intensive sessions, guest speakers, and our Resource Expo, the winter training institute provides knowledge and tools to help shape the future of community corrections by meeting the needs of today’s professionals. There is no better event to network with and learn from fellow community corrections professionals and have access to the most current and vital information available on state of the art products, services, and technologies than APPA's training institute!

General Sessions

Opening Speaker


Sunday, 3/10 - 5:30pm

Restoration of
Ex-Felon Voting Rights: Florida’s Success Story

Melba Pearson
Deputy Director, ACLU Florida

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Dr. Brook Bello


Monday, 3/11 - 8:30am


Dr. Brook Bello

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Harvey Alston


Wednesday, 3/13 - 11:00am


Harvey Alston
Motivational speaker

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