Online Training Overview

APPA continually strives to meet the professional development needs of the community corrections professionals with quality and affordable training. In partnership with Relias (APPA’s online training partner) and through various federally and privately funded initiatives, APPA is able to provide online training solutions for individuals and agencies that includes scheduled (e.g., webinars) and self-paced online courses that you can take “at your leisure” to meet your specific training needs!

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Training at Your Leisure
for Individuals
  • Ideal for individuals who want to take courses and manage their own learning
  • Individual courses (approx. $10/contact hour)
  • Access free APPA courses (grant funded)
  • Access recorded APPA webinars
  • Alternative online training solution for small agencies (e.g., less than 10 people) to provide training for their staff:
    • Can purchase course “tokens” to provide to staff to take certain courses
    • Offers discounts for bulk purchases

Hundreds of Courses Available Search by keyword, topic, course name, accreditation type.

for Agencies

Relias provides community corrections agencies with a learning management system (LMS) to help streamline the training process.

An LMS is a solution that helps automate, manage, and track all your agency’s training needs, including:

  • Assigning curriculum
  • Completing regulatory training
  • Providing Continuing Education opportunities
  • Staying compliant
  • Producing reports for auditors

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Scheduled Online Training
Scheduled Webinars
Scheduled Tribal Webinars