Training for community corrections personnel is of paramount importance. As an officer of the court, you cannot choose who ends up on your supervision caseload; therefore, you have to have the knowledge, skills, and tools to work with a wide range of offender types, individual issues, responsivity factors, etc. To put it literally, you have to be an “expert generalist”. Additionally, you are charged with supervising individuals in a community setting; thus, you are to provide supervision, services, and interventions to protect the public, protect the victims, and lead the individuals on your caseload to a path of change. This page will provide you with information on an array of training and professional development opportunities available specific to tribal community corrections personnel.

Upcoming Training

Past Training
  • Addressing Responsivity Issues for American Indian/Alaska Native Individuals on Community Supervision
    November 19, 2015
    Webinar | Handouts

APPA Institute

APPA conducts the largest national training institute for community corrections offering workshops, special sessions, resource expo, and networking opportunities tailored to your needs. When you attend an APPA Training Institute, you will be exposed to discussions on the latest theories and examine the newest technologies as you connect to your peers in enjoyable networking opportunities.

APPA holds two institutes a year. An Annual Institute in the summer and a Winter Institute.
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Tribal Probation Academy

APPA is a partner with the National Criminal Justice Center at Fox Valley Technical College on the Tribal Probation Academy. Please visit their website for information and training updates.

Online Training for Tribal Community Corrections Personnel

Pretrial Risk Assessment & Risk Mitigation Strategies
This lesson is designed to provide learners with an understanding of pretrial risk assessment and risk mitigation strategies. Learners will see an example of a validated pretrial risk assessment instrument and have the opportunity use that instrument to assess the risks of several defendants and develop a risk mitigation plan that could be recommended to the court based upon your risk assessment findings.

Skills for Pretrial Services Practitioners: Interviewing Techniques
This online self-paced training course provides tribal community corrections professionals with an overview of the interview process, key interviewing skills and ethical responsibilities of the pretrial interviewer.