About the APPA and Relias Learning Partnership

The APPA works in partnership with Relias Learning to provide quality, cost-effective online training for community corrections professionals.

Through the partnership, APPA has an opportunity to provide input on topics to be covered in the course libraries. We also have a staff member designated to serve on the Relias Learning Law Enforcement and Corrections Advisory Board (along with other community corrections and other corrections and law enforcement practitioners) to provide additional input and feedback related to Relias Learning’s current and planned products and services.

APPA also plays an active role in the course development process by recommending subject matter experts (including APPA staff) to serve as course writers on topics pertinent to the community corrections field. In addition, we have an agreement with Relias allowing us to host online courses that APPA develops through its federally and privately funded grant programs on their retail site, APPA Relias Academy. In some cases, these courses are also made available within the Relias Learning community corrections training library.

Our commitment to quality training, vetted by our membership, extends to this partnership. Therefore, the APPA Training Accreditation Committee (which is comprised of APPA members) is in the process of reviewing courses that were in the library prior to our partnership for APPA accreditation. New courses are put through the APPA training accreditation process at the time of development.

APPA members receive a 10% discount on individual courses offered through APPA Relias Academy and on the subscription services to the Learning Management System offered by Relias Learning to agencies and organizations.