Accreditation of Relias Learning Courses

Relias Learning is accredited as a provider of continuing education for healthcare and addictions professionals, through national organizations and state regulatory agencies (e.g., American Psychological Association, Association of Social Work Boards, NAADC, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Corrections Standards Authority). Courses in select libraries related to Law Enforcement and Corrections also have been reviewed by the following partners for approval to meet the requirements of their programs:

  • American Probation and Parole Association: Courses accredited by APPA for contact hours meet APPA's established requirements deemed essential to quality, well-thought out training programs.
  • American Correctional Association: Reviewed courses for approval to meet the ACA standards and qualify for recertification in the Certified Corrections Program for officers, supervisors, managers, and executives (adult corrections, juvenile services, nurses, and strategic threat group managers).
  • American Jail Association: Reviewed courses for approval and accreditation to address local jail specific issues on which local jail professionals could benefit from training, and to meet the requirements of the Certified Jail Manager and Certified Jail Officer programs.

See a list of the various accrediting institutions that review courses developed by and for Relias Learning.

Please note: Not all courses are submitted for review by all accrediting bodies. When you select a course, you will see a list of the agencies that have reviewed and accredited that specific course.