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Tribal Issues Committee

The APPA Tribal Issues Committee was established by APPA in 2011 to provide a forum for tribal, county, state, and federal community corrections personnel to bring to the forefront issues facing Indian Country, work together to identify ways to address those issues, and share ideas with other community corrections professionals and decision makers.

One of the first issues this committee addressed was to develop a resolution related to tribal access to NCIC and other criminal justice databases. Once drafted, the resolution was presented to and passed by the APPA Executive Committee.

All tribal community corrections personnel are invited to participate or become a member of this committee, as well as in other APPA special issue committees. The committees meet in-person at the APPA Annual and Winter Training Institutes each year. In addition, they conduct business through conference calls and virtual meetings between Institutes. You do not have to attend the Institutes in order to participate in this committee, or any other committee. All tribal probation personnel are encouraged to participate. Let your voice be heard through the Tribal Issues Committee!

Want more information on the Tribal Issues Committee?
Email Nan Benally or you may contact the current committee chair.