Dennis Maloney
Community Service Project

APPA’s Dennis Maloney Community Service Projects give training institute attendees an opportunity to give back to the community. For the 47th Annual Training Institute, APPA is offering two community service projects:

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Computers for Ukrainian Center of Probation

APPA is proud to feature the Ukrainian Center of Probation during the Opening Plenary session of the 47th Annual Training Institute. You may support our Ukrainian colleagues by making a cash donation of any amount toward the purchase of new computers for the Center of Probation. APPA’s goal is to purchase laptops through our discount partnership with Lenovo.

During wartime almost 3,000 probation staff of the Public Institution “Center of Probation” have continued to work. They perform public tasks of executing criminal sentences which are alternative to imprisonment and prevention of repeated offenses to enhance public safety. Many have fled their homes and offices to find safety. While doing so, computers have been stolen, lost, or destroyed. Computers are crucial to connect our colleagues to their work. Without them, they are completely disconnected and in even more danger. For more information on the critical conditions, visit the Confederate of European Probation blog. And we hope to deliver the computers when Ukraine Deputy Minister of Justice and Head of Probation Services join us in Chicago. Even if you are not attending the training institute, you can still donate. One large department challenged each of its employees to donate $1 – that donation will net two computers – wow – the challenge is on!!!

Rosie’s Place

Women's Justice Institute (WJI) Reclamation Center

During the pandemic, gender-based violence and other issues that often disproportionately impact women reached an all-time high, especially among formerly incarcerated women on probation and parole. The national NFP Women's Justice Institute (WJI) founded the WJI Reclamation Center to provide a safe, creative and inspiring space where women can collaborate, change narratives, access services with dignity and reclaim their lives. The Center is the nation's first co-working, arts/advocacy, and mutual support space founded by-and-for women with lived experience. At the center, formerly incarcerated women build community and reclaim their lives through cutting-edge programs which include a Survival Fund and Survival Backpacks for those returning home or in crisis.

You may support the WJI Reclamation Center by making a cash donation of any amount and/or bringing toiletries to help fill Survival Backpacks. Donations will be collected at the 47th Annual Training Institute and distributed to the local office in Chicago. For more information about the WJI Reclamation Center, please contact Deanne Benos. You may also tour the WJI Center from 1-3 pm on Tuesday, August 30. A reception from 4:30-6:30 pm will be held for those attending the tour.


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