Intensive Sessions

Community Supervision

It’s a Whole New Ball Game Motivational Interviewing for Justice Involved Individuals/Intensive Practice Session

Sunday, 8am - 12pm CT

Training Objective: Provide real time guidance and feedback to participants as they practice MI strategy and spirit with an active coach.

Ohio Parole developed an innovative approach to Motivational Interviewing training that enhances officer success in the management of justice involved individuals. Developed specifically for Criminal Justice professionals, this interactive event involves intensive practice. Participants will receive brief periods of instruction followed by opportunities to work with a coach on responding to realistic statements as made by justice involved individuals. Throughout the training a coach will work with participants to build competency at applying Open Questions, Affirmation, Reflection and Summaries (OARS) in the spirt of MI. A trainer will play the role of a justice involved individual to simulate real world practice. Participants receive real time feedback as they engage by responding to realistic statements. Ohio Parole Officers who have successfully completed these events have described it as engaging and energetic in a comfortable atmosphere loaded with opportunities to participate. Exercises approximate batting practices. Participants leave energized and equipped with new strategies for behavior change.


Kyle Billingsley
Ohio Adult Parole Authority

Joseph Suciu
Ohio Adult Parole Authority

Community SupervisionReentry

It’s All Connected: Advancing Behavior Change by Blending Community Supervision Tools Introduced Through the Justice Reinvestment Initiative

Sunday, 8am - 12pm CT

Training Objective: Leave with a plan to create a structure in their own office that blends these tools together seamlessly.

Through the Justice Reinvestment Initiative (JRI), many community supervision agencies have created or enhanced a similar set of evidence-based tools for supervision officers. These tools are meant to complement each other and be applied holistically. However, community supervision officers are often not given enough guidance to apply the tools in this way. Applying these strategies separately can result in a disconnect and decrease the intended impact on recidivism. This workshop will be centered around an interactive practice activity to help participants see how the community supervision tools often implemented through JRI should work together to help community supervision officers shift to seeing themselves as coaches of behavior change rather than simply monitors of compliance. Participants will leave this session with the tools to create a plan to implement a similar structure in their office.


Valerie Meade
Crime and Justice Institute

Abigail Strait
Crime and Justice Institute

Heather Tubman-Carbone
Bureau of Justice Assistance

Gender Issues

Redefining the Narrative: Cutting-Edge Strategies to End the Mass Incarceration of Women

Sunday, 8am - 12pm CT

Training Objective: Describe the Women’s Justice Pathways model and how it can be used to better understand and sever justice-impacted women.

False narratives have prevented and stifled the innovative thinking that is essential in dismantling systems of injustice and have been uniquely problematic for women. In April 2021 directly impacted women launched a first in the nation initiative to confront the false narratives that fuel women’s mass incarceration and build an actionable plan to cut the Illinois’ women’s prison population by 50%+ and beyond. Launched by the Women’s Justice Institute, this effort has unified over 500 women in support of this historic process including women throughout the system, family members, advocates, social service providers, law enforcement, judges, prosecutors, corrections officials, policymakers, academics, health professionals and more – on solutions. Participants will learn about the dynamic research and organizing methods used to launch this effort and the innovative models and tools that support it and can be used across the nation to end the mass incarceration of women. Join us for a cutting-edge multi-media presentation that centers the voices, expertise, and leadership of diverse women with lived experiences who are truly leading justice system transformation.


Deanne Benos
Women’s Justice Institute

Sandra Brown
Women’s Justice Institute

Liz Cruz
Women’s Justice Institute

Colette Payne
Women’s Justice Institute

Health & Wellness

Mindfulness for Community Corrections: A Day of Relaxation for Your Busy Mind

Sunday, 1pm - 5pm CT

Training Objective: Learn about the 3 main types of meditation: Concentrative, Mindfulness, and Expressive.

The work in community corrections is demanding and stressful. Additionally, over the last few years we have had to deal with challenges of working and living through a pandemic, social upheaval, natural disasters, and news from war zones. It is time for a little relaxation and self-care. In this interactive workshop, you will experience a selection of mind-body skills that will help to ease the body’s fight-or-flight and chronic stress responses and regain a sense of calm, relaxation, and even joy. We use the community resilience model developed by the Center for Mind-Body Medicine. Our goal is to provide you with some easy-to-use mindfulness tools to add to your toolbox, and our hope is that you will leave the workshop feeling relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated.


Dayla Fillmore
Sonoma County Probation Department

Alison Lobb
Sonoma County Probation Department

Ermelinda Miramontes
Sonoma County Probation Department


Seconds For Survival

Sunday, 1pm - 5pm CT

Training Objective: At the end of the training, students will be able to identify pre-attack indicators.

Seconds for Survival is a dynamic, media intensive course designed to reduce the reactionary gap that can lead to deadly consequences in law enforcement interactions with suspects. Real life scenarios combined with tactical considerations are discussed throughout the training to give the student the knowledge to survive attacks. Additional information can be found at


Travis Yates
Tulsa Police Department

Gender IssuesDiversity

Workforce Diversity and Cultural Competence: The Massachusetts Probation Service

Sunday, 1pm - 5pm CT

Training Objective: An inclusive workplace culture where diversity is valued and built into the fabric of an organization at every level are essential to improving employee morale, resulting in better customer service experiences and outcomes.

The Massachusetts Probation Service views Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as central to its delivery of justice with dignity and speed and it is committed to building a highly skilled workforce that is diverse, culturally competent, proficient, and committed to providing quality customer service experiences and outcomes.


Pamerson IO. Fill
Massachusetts Probation Service


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