Opening Plenary | August 28, 5:00pm-7:00pm CT

Ukraine Probation Service

The American Probation and Parole Association (APPA) supports our colleagues in the Ukraine as they struggle for freedom and democracy. APPA is delighted that our colleagues from the Ukrainian Probation Services will open its 47th Annual Training Institute in Chicago at 5 p.m. on Sunday, August 28. The event will also be livestreamed via APPA’s Virtual Training Institute.

Learn how Ukraine developed a national probation office model in 2018 based on international experience. Just before the war, Ukraine equipped three probation offices in Kyiv and the Kiev region, started introducing an electronic monitoring system, and drafted legislation. The escalating war conditions add an additional stress load to an already stressful profession. Rebuilding the probation infrastructure after the war will require a great deal, including replacing office and technical equipment.

Be inspired as they speak about the work of the probation service in Ukraine in an active conflict environment. APPA strives to develop probation services by introducing Ukraine to American community supervision activities, training, and technology and participating in an active exchange of experience Our probation colleagues of Ukraine need support and new prospects today, more than ever. Join us for this captivating and inspiring opening to our 47th Annual Training Institute!


Ms. Olena Vysotska

Ms. Olena Vysotska the Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine. She coordinates the activities of probation (as well as the entire penitentiary system of Ukraine) and is an active participant in the development of probation in Ukraine. She has a PhD in Law. After a successful legal career from 2008-2018, she was appointed Head of the Minister of Justice of Ukraine Office. She has served as Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine since 2020.

Mr. Oleh Yanchuk

Mr. Yanchuk is the Director of the Public Institution “Center of Probation” (Probation Service. Within the framework of reforming the State Criminal Executive Service of Ukraine, he assisted with the introduction of Probation in Ukraine, and headed this service: as Director of the Probation Department of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (September 2016 to April 2018). He has served as Director of the newly established Public Institution "Center of Probation” since 2018.

From 2009-2016, he ensured the operation of the system of execution of non-custodial sentences and supervised the activities of the criminal-executive inspection of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine. During this period, he actively participated in the study and development of proposals for the creation of a national model of probation, which was implemented by the Law of Ukraine "On Probation" in 2015.

Oleh graduated from the Kyiv High Naval College, received a military pedagogical specialty and a civil qualification "social pedagogue - psychologist". He has a diploma of second higher education, majoring in Legal Studies from the Institute of Postgraduate Education of the National Pedagogical University.


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