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2024 Executive Summit

February 22 - 23

Stronger Together: Shaping the Future of Community Corrections

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The American Probation and Parole Association (APPA) will host its second in-person Executive Summit for Community Corrections Leaders, February 23 - 24, 2024, in Seattle, Washington. The unique experience is designed specifically for senior-level executives of community supervision and corrections departments (pretrial, probation, and parole) agencies. (A limited number of slots will be made available to parole board members; judges, not-for-profit and federal partners who support the work of criminal justice reform; and legislators.)

As a key leader in the field of community corrections, you do not want to miss this exceptional executive level training opportunity! This in-person event will focus on current and emerging trends in community corrections – asking the question: “What is the future of community corrections and how to best prepare for it?” During the summit, visionary leaders will have ample opportunity to network with and learn from key community corrections decision-makers – as the summit will offer a variety of relevant, thought-provoking, interactive training events and discussions.

Leaders, come to the summit to get updates on proven programming, policies and practices that are relevant to today’s community corrections field and leave the summit with a wealth of useful information. By attending the summit, you will gain strategies that will aid you in leading your agency and making sound decisions - all aimed at helping to shape your agency’s next level of success for both staff and justice-involved individuals.

SPECIAL NOTE: Agency heads who cannot attend may assign a designee (Assistant Chief, Assistant Director, second in command, etc.) to attend.

Presentation Topics

  • Leading with Co-Elevation: Upping Our Game, Elevating Culture
  • Through the Looking Glass: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Staff and Organizational Wellness
  • Combating Staff Shortages While Retaining Staff
  • Promising (Emerging) Practices in Community Corrections
  • APPA's National Standards for Community Supervision
  • Artificial Intelligence: Through the Lens of Community Corrections and Ethics
  • Research and its Applicability to Community Corrections
  • Reentry 2030: The Future of Community Corrections

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