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Plenary Sessions


February 25 Sunday 5:00pm - 7:00pm PST

Mental Health: Finding Your Voice
How to step into your power and create an attitude of resilience

As Parole Officers, you have a significant role to play in supporting the well-being of others. However, the importance of your own wellness must not be overlooked. When it comes to mental health, silence has never been the answer. Understanding the power of your voice is the first step in finding true freedom.

Having experienced challenges with mental illness, trauma, and addictions first-hand, Allan shares his captivating story of resilience and hope. Through his message, you will learn how to share your own story, step into your vulnerability, and connect to yourself and others in a more authentic way.

By finding your own voice, you will be able to inspire others to find theirs.


  • Leading with Co-Elevation: Upping Our Game, Elevating Culture
  • Identify barriers that prevent individuals from seeking help
  • Explore how men respond differently to mental health issues
  • Examine the relationship between mental health and physical health
  • Review strategies to support someone who appears to be in distress
  • Discover how to create an attitude of resilience

Allen Kehler

Allen Kehler

Allan Kehler is a mental health advocate, international keynote speaker, and best-selling author of four books. His TEDx talk on men and mental health has gained international attention, and he has been featured on several television and radio programs. For nearly a decade, Allan instructed various mental health related courses at the college level while also working as an addiction’s counselor and clinical case manager.

Today, Allan is a highly sought-after speaker on various topics related to mental health and wellness. He has stood on nearly 1,000 stages and is recognized for his engaging style and captivating approach. Having persevered through his own challenges with mental illness and addictions, Allan speaks from a place of experience. His moving stories tug on heartstrings, inspire a new perspective, and allow people to connect with themselves and others at a deeper level. He uses humor and compassion to create a safe space where people feel seen, heard, and supported.

Allan has developed a genuine appreciation and passion for learning and working with Indigenous people and communities. This has played a key role in his own recovery, and these cultural teachings can be found in his presentations. Recently, Allan and his wife, Tanya, launched Born Resilient™ - a clothing line that empowers people to persevere through their challenges. They are proud to donate a percentage of their profits to organizations that promote wellness.

Allan currently resides in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He shares his life with Tanya, four boys, three dogs, and a tank of fish.

Plenary Session: High in Plain Sight

February 26 Monday 11:00am - 12:30pm PST

Introduction by Cynthia Mausser of CEPP

The Community Supervision Resource Center (CSRC), sponsored by the Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Assistance, is a new initiative managed by the Center for Effective Public Policy (CEPP) in partnership with the American Probation and Parole Association (APPA), the Association of Paroling Authorities, International (APAI), the Center for Justice Innovation (CJI), and the National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies (NAPSA). The CSRC centralizes relevant resources, offers trainings, provides technical assistance to adult supervision agencies (pretrial, probation, and parole), and is building a network of practitioners committed to pursuing innovative and best practices. To kick off the plenary, CEPP will showcase the CSRC website and the resources the project will offer to the field.

Cynthis Mausser

Cynthia Mausser

Cynthia Mausser is a Senior Manager at CEPP, where she is helping develop the vision for, and supporting, the Community Supervision Resource Center. Ms. Mausser serves as a substantive expert on probation and parole supervision and delivers training and technical assistance to the field.

Previously, Ms. Mausser worked for over 30 years in the criminal justice field in Ohio, serving in a variety of positions, including Deputy Director at the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, Division of Parole and Community Services; Parole Board Chair, Parole Board Member, Chief Hearing Officer, and Hearing Officer at the Ohio Parole Board; and Assistant State Public Defender at the Office of the Ohio Public Defender. She was also an active member of the Association of Paroling Authorities International and served as President from 2014 to 2018. Ms. Mausser received her BA in criminal justice from Bowling Green State University and her JD from Case Western Reserve University School of Law.

Current Alcohol, Drug, and Concealment Trends and Identifiers

This workshop is for educators, prevention providers, coalition members, law enforcement, probation officers, school administration, treatment providers, nurses, health care workers, and counselors. This workshop covers alcohol and drug clothing, alcoholic energy drinks, prescription drug abuse and misuse, alcohol and drug concealment methods and containers, drug paraphernalia, drug related music and groups, logos, stickers, new technology, youth party tendencies, party games, non-traditional alcoholic beverages, social networking sites, synthetic drugs, OTC drugs, inhalants, marijuana concentrates, E-cigarettes, and popular party drugs, including: opioids, Adderall, and ecstasy. This session can also cover common stash compartments that can be used to hide weapons inside everyday clothing containers and other items, in addition to the impact on traffic safety.

This session is unique, in that it provides over 70 visual aids for attendees to hold and become familiar with. In today's culture, everything is person-specific and has different meanings to different individuals. Meanwhile, certain items have gained popularity in the alcohol and drug scene - which changes every day.

Officer Galloway tailors this session to each community that he teaches in, and constantly updates this training to keep up with the current trends. This allows the community to know what is going on locally, in their own retail stores. Galloway also covers the impact of legalization, if this affects your state.

For each person to help prevent youth and adult substance abuse, you MUST know what is going on in your community.

Jermaine Galloway

Officer Jermaine Galloway

Officer Galloway, a Texan, known nationally as the Tall Cop, has worked in substance abuse prevention and education for over 20 years. After playing Division I basketball and receiving his BA in Sociology from the University of San Francisco, he worked as a law enforcement officer for 18 years. His various assignments included: alcohol compliance and enforcement, CSI, DUI task force, officer mentoring, and a field training officer.

In 2007, Jermaine started the company known as “Tall Cop Says Stop™”. The Tall Cop has conducted trainings in every US state and Canada, and currently devotes thousands of hours each year to training professionals and communities on drug and alcohol prevention, education, and enforcement. The Tall Cop is unique in that he spends hundreds of hours with “boots on the ground” highlighting drug culture in various communities. To date, the Tall Cop has trained more than 800,000 professional and community members. The Tall Cop has conducted more than 8,400 community scans, identifying the drug culture and climate. His program, “High in Plain Sight”, is a nationally recognized program, that provides training, education, and enforcement strategies for community substance abuse issues.

Additionally, Jermaine Galloway has published articles, been referenced in books, and has been highlighted in many media interviews. The Tall Cop’s fast-paced and high-energy class provides attendees with an unparalleled learning experience!


February 28 Wednesday 11:00am - 12:30pm PST

From the Big House to the White House:
Unlocking Potential

Attorney Christopher Poulos shares his personal and professional path from trauma, addiction, homelessness, and prison to college, law school, serving in the White House, and becoming a senior state government corrections and reentry executive. Poulos’s talk weaves between personal experiences and the larger policy and practice issues involving pretrial, incarceration, and community supervision. He will share about the importance of support and accountability versus only surveillance and punishment and the vital role probation officers and other justice stakeholders can have in helping people positively redirect their lives.

Christopher Poulos

Christopher Poulos

Christopher Poulos is an attorney, speaker, writer, consultant, and the executive director of the Center for Justice and Human Dignity. Poulos has served as Director of Person-Centered Services at the Washington State Department of Corrections and executive director of the Washington Statewide Reentry Council. Poulos also developed a course on drug law and policy that he taught at Seattle University School of Law.

Prior to his appointment to the Reentry Council, he served as executive director of Life of Purpose Treatment at the University of North Texas, where he was also an adjunct professor of criminal justice. During law school, he served at the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy and The Sentencing Project. While at the White House, he helped redesign stigmatizing language previously used by the federal government regarding addiction and justice system involvement to reduce discrimination and promote successful reentry and recovery. Poulos has advised United States Senator Angus King (I-Maine) on addiction and justice policy and served on several national, state, and local boards and task forces related to criminal justice policy. He graduated cum laude from the University of Maine School of Law, where he was President of the American Constitution Society and represented youth facing criminal charges as a student attorney in the Juvenile Justice Clinic.

Prior to law school, Poulos overcame many obstacles, including tragic family losses, addiction, homelessness, and a federal incarceration. He now dedicates his life to helping others overcome or avoid similar challenges and he supports a public health-¬based approach to addressing addiction. His work promotes equal access to the law and seeks to address mass incarceration and the collateral consequences now facing the tens of millions of people with criminal convictions.

His work and personal story have been featured on The Today Show and in The Guardian, The New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC News, CBS News, The Hill, Crosscut, The Epoch Times and The Harvard Law and Policy Review. Poulos was selected as one of Portland Magazine’s “Most Intriguing People” and as “Law Student of the Year” by National Jurist Magazine.

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