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Exhibitor Information

APPA’s 2024 Winter Training Institute will take place February 25 – 28, with our Expo Hall available to attendees for three days. Connect with professionals from across the community corrections industry including pretrial, probation, parole, juvenile justice, and treatment professionals and more, as you make connections and build long time partnerships. We can’t wait to see you in February!

Where & When is the Expo Hall?

Location: Columbia Ballroom

Below you will find the exclusive dates/times for attendees to visit.
NOTE: Exhibitors may schedule appointments at times outside of these hours.

Sunday, February 25

09:00 AM - 05:00 PM PST
Move in Setup

07:00 PM - 09:00 PM PST

Monday, February 26

08:00 AM - 10:00 AM PST
Coffee Break

12:30 PM - 02:00 PM PST
Resource Expo

05:00 PM - 07:00 PM PST
Cocktail Hour

Tuesday, February 27

09:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST
Resource Expo

Again, as an exhibitor, both in-person and virtual attendees will see your company listed on the floor plan in the event app and web guide, as well as in the exhibitor list which will link to your own customized information page (header, logo, description, contact link).

Booth Specifications

Exhibit Package Includes:

  • 10’ x 10’ exhibit spaces in an carpeted hall
  • Each booth comes with 8’ back drape; 3’ side wall pipe and drape; one 6’ skirted display table; two chairs; one wastebasket, one black and white 6” x 24” ID sign.
  • Electronic attendee list (post-conference).
  • Security in the Expo Hall.

Space fees also include general upkeep of the common areas and insurance of a safe exposition. Space wastebaskets will be emptied daily.


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Badge Policy

APPA has two categories of badges: "Exhibitor/Attendee" and "Exhibitor-Only". "Exhibitor/Attendee" badges = ticket to the expo hall activities AND the entire training institute. "Exhibitor-Only" badges = access to all activities in the expo hall only.

  • Corporate Members: two exhibitor/attendee, three exhibitor-only badges
  • For Profit Exhibitors: two exhibitor/attendee, two exhibitor-only badges
  • Non-Profit Exhibitors: one exhibitor/attendee, one exhibitor-only badge

Rules and Regulations

Review the Full Rules & Regulations (PDF)

Cancellations and Refunds

 For booths cancelled in writing by January 10, 2024, 50% of the full payment may be refunded.

After January 10, 2024, no refunds will be made, nor will previously paid monies be applied to any future APPA exhibit shows or other marketing areas. Additionally, these monies cannot be applied to offset another exhibitor’s booth rental fee.

If you need to submit a cancellation, please email written cancellation request to: Darlene Webb.

Shipment and Storage

Viper Tradeshow Services, Inc. will provide complete drayage service to accommodate your material shipping and handling needs, including receipt and storage of exhibitor freight prior to the show, delivery to the booth, removal and return of empty containers, and re-loading at the end of the show. It is recommended that you ship your freight in advance to Viper Tradeshow Services. Storage crates, boxes or other extraneous materials are not to be stored in the exhibit booths during the show. Arrangements must be made with the service contractor for pickup, storage, and return at the regular drayage rates. Please refer to Exhibitor Kit (PDF) for more information


In addition to shipment and storage, Viper is the official decorating contractor for this APPA training institute. Exhibitor service kits containing information on furniture rental items, electrical and miscellaneous services, shipping and other information will be forwarded to exhibitors upon confirmation of exhibit booth rental. Exhibitors must use APPA’s official contractor for rental of furniture, labor, custom cleaning, and other such services as published in the Exhibitor Kit.

Viper Contact

Diego Gaytan Corona
Exhibitor Services Coordinator

Expo Hall Booth and Floor Plan

Booth 114 / Avaliable Booth 115 / Avaliable Booth 214 / Avaliable Booth 213 / University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute / Reserved Booth 312 / Smartox / Reserved Booth 313 / Holon Health / Reserved Booth 412 / Avaliable Booth 413 / Avaliable Booth 510 / Lifelab Studios / Reserved Booth 513 / Avaliable Booth 612 / Avaliable Booth 112 / Avaliable Booth 113 / Avaliable Booth 211 / The Prem Rawat Foundation / Reserved Booth 310 / Corrections Software Solutions / Reserved Booth 311 / Averhealth / Reserved Booth 410 / Acivilate / Reserved Booth 411 / Abbott / Reserved Booth 511 / Multi-Health Systems Inc. / Reserved Booth 610 / Avaliable Booth 111 / Neo Pharma Technologies / Reserved Booth 210 / Center for Effective Public Policy / Reserved Booth 108 / APPA / Reserved Booth 106 / APPA / Reserved Booth 107 / Indivior / Reserved Booth 206 / Shadowtrack Technologies / Reserved Booth 207 / Premier Biotech / Reserved Booth 306 / Buddi / Reserved Booth 307 / The Change Companies / Reserved Booth 406 / Securus Monitoring / Reserved Booth 407 / Sentinel Offender Services, LLC / Reserved Booth 506 / National Institute of Correction / Reserved Booth 507 / SolusGuard / Reserved Booth 606 / Meeting Maker / Reserved Booth 104 / Reconnect Photo Booth / Reserved Booth 105 / Carelon Behavioral Health / Reserved Booth 204 / SuperCom / Reserved Booth 205 / Fieldware / Reserved Booth 304 / Noble Software Group / Reserved Booth 305 / Intoxalock / Reserved Booth 404 / Smart Start / Reserved Booth 405 / Care Guide Services / Reserved Booth 504 / Rite of Passage / Reserved Booth 505 / Parenting Inside Out / Reserved Booth 604 / RePath / Reserved Booth 103 / First Match / Reserved Booth 203 / LifeSafer / Reserved Booth 302 / GEO Reentry / Reserved Booth 303 / Tyler Tech / Reserved Booth 402 / NCTI / Reserved Booth 403 / Allvest Information Service INC dba Vant4ge / Reserved Booth 503 / eCourtDate / Reserved Booth 602 / eMoksha - A Data Science Company / Reserved Booth 101 / Reconnect / Reserved Booth 200 / Track Group / Reserved Booth 201 / SCRAM Systems / Reserved Booth 300 / BI Incorporated / Reserved Booth 301 / Tyler Tech / Reserved Booth 400 / Allied Universal Electronic Monitoring / Reserved Booth 401 / Journal Technologies / Reserved Booth 500 / Journal Technologies / Reserved Booth 501 / Trac Solutions / Reserved Booth 600 / Premier Wireless / Reserved


All areas of community corrections are represented at the training institute including pre-trial, parole, probation, juvenile justice, treatment, social work, residential programs, and victim services. Directors, supervisors, and line staff at the federal, state, and local levels participate, along with educators, researchers, judges, legislators, and other corrections professionals.


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Contributing Sponsors

Tyler Tech - Badge, Expo Hall Bingo  |  Multi-Health Systems, Inc - Bag Stuffer  |  eMoksha - A Data Science Company - Expo Hall Bingo  |  Shadowtrack - Lanyards  |  Washington State Misdemeanant Probation Association - Waterbottle

Also, special thanks goes to our Corporate Members!

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