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Tales of the Caseload

Tales of the Caseload

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ISBN: 0-87292-819-5
Year published:2004
Number of pages:159


Tales of the Caseload is a series of narratives based on fact and immersed in fiction.

The stories combine humor and seriousness, attempting to entertain and educate. This book is designed to provide a satirical learning experience for probation and parole officers and to feed the public’s curiosity about the everyday accounts of community supervision. Of course, we also hope to entertain readers who read the book as a pastime or hobby.

To illustrate the accounts of various officers, the stories are divided by chapters. Narrators, including tenured agents Jack Toliver, Jake Pruitt, and Danny Reeves as well as rookie Mr. Jones, describe the internal workings of probation and parole and provide a personal rendition of their situations. Tales of the Caseload follows their metamorphosis from uninformed and naïve officers straight out of college to seasoned veterans educated in the field. The officers and the readers learn from the interesting and entertaining descriptions of encounters and characters. The reader will be also introduced to colorful probationers and parolees absconding and reporting as they go skipping down the yellow brick road of community supervision.

The tales border on fiction only in the sense that names have been changed and dialogue has been altered. In some instance, we have fictionalized direct quotes because we simply cannot recall the actual statements. Even though some part of each of the stories is fiction, the main body of the text is based on fact.

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