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About APPA


No matter how dedicated community corrections professionals are in the field, they can only be as effective as the funding that supports them and the policies impacting our industry.

As an advocate for community corrections policies and funding, APPA:

  • Works collaboratively with stakeholders that share common interests and policy goals
  • Participates in policy discussions and activities
  • Secures information from related policy-directed organizations
  • Reports on how policy affects delivery of services to the field
  • Tracks bills moving through Congress that impact criminal and juvenile justice policy and funding

Our Stances and Involvement

In the ever-changing landscape of community corrections work, it is the responsibility of APPA to make informed recommendations for evidence-based practices and policies. The result is a strong, unified voice on stances we believe best for the community corrections industry. That means strengthening the role of the community corrections industry.

Our committee members contribute by:
  • Writing issue papers
  • Developing position statements
  • Creating resolutions for adoption by APPA

Read our IPR Process and Format Requirements

Our latest stances:

See all of our Issue Papers | Positions Statements | Resolutions

These position statements, issue papers, and resolutions are often accessed by professionals in the field, policymakers, news media, and the public!

Additional public policy efforts periodically include: sign-on letters, participation in policy forums, crafting impact statements, and calls to action.

How to Raise Awareness

The better we do our jobs – keeping communities safe – the less people think about community corrections work. But without public awareness of how much we’re doing to reduce crime and encourage resilient communities, the harder it is for APPA to accomplish its goals. These resources can help raise awareness and support from a variety of public audiences.

Contact your Representatives
  • Give them insight into the important issues affecting your life
  • Make them aware of your position, concerns and any questions
  • Help them make legislative decisions

Find your representative

CC Marketing Strategies

This interactive website was created to give suggestions and tools to improve your agency’s relationship with the media, law makers, community leaders, and the public to ensure you receive the support you need to do the best possible job.

CC Marketing Strategies website

National Branding Initiative

This campaign is an industry-wide effort to help brand the field of community corrections. It includes a turn key kit, media interview guide, branding brochure, and logos.

National Branding Initiative

PPP Supervision Week

This our annual campaign to acknowledge and show appreciation for the hard work that each pretrial, probation, and parole supervision employee does.

PPP Supervision Week website