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National Branding Initiative

The Case for Branding

The notion of branding is sweeping across all business and organizational categories. In an increasingly busy and crowded marketplace, it is becoming critically important to find ways to effectively stand out with compelling communications, beginning with a powerful expression of who you are and what you do. The frenetic pace of business today demands organizations and companies make their case with conciseness and impact.

Successfully branding the field of probation, parole and community corrections will garner support from the public, the media, the community and policy makers. Support from these groups is key in maintaining the ability to accomplish your goals. Funding for officers and programs can be enhanced when everyone is aware of how important your work is to them.

See several links at the top left of this page for materials to participate in this campaign. As an on-going project for the field, additional materials will be added from time to time. APPA also hopes to report on the achievements of this campaign so please notify us about how you are utilizing these tools by emailing Diane Kincaid for updates for questions.