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About APPA

Leadership Lens

This page exists as a result of APPA's commitment to being a transparent organization. During the Boston Training Institute, members and leaders both asked how to better communicate our current state and future direction with our stakeholders. As a consequence, we have created this page to allow all stakeholders to see what is being discussed at the board level, where we are headed as an organization, and what we hope to accomplish over time.

Current Trends

Board Discussions

This section will provide an overview of the current trends impacting our association. Topics may range from trends in membership to opportunities to further engage. This section will include summaries of our most recent board, committee and strategic meetings.

APPA Ideas & Information


This section will be devoted to discussing our approach to innovating within APPA while also allowing our community members the opportunity to share their ideas on how we can improve our association.  This section will provide our community with resources to help everyone better understand the purpose and roles associations play in our lives.