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Issue Papers

The American Probation and Parole Association develops issue papers on numerous topics currently facing the field of community corrections. Issue papers are discussion pieces that outline the concerns or considerations of a particular topic in a generally neutral fashion.

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Apr 2019 : The Use of Social Media as a Supervision Tool
Apr 2019 : Incorporating Location Tracking Systems Into Community Supervision
Apr 2019 : The Use of Naloxone by Community Supervision Agencies
Mar 2015 : Risk and Needs Assessment
Aug 2014 : The Use of Social Media in Community Corrections
Sep 2011 : Managing the Risks Posed by Offender Computer Use
Jan 2005 : Online Learning
Jan 2005 : Substance of Abuse Detection Technology: Alternatives to Utilizing Blood, Breath or Urine Samples
Jan 2001 : Supervision Fees
Jan 2001 : Organizational Response to Change
Jan 2001 : Prevention
Jan 2001 : Pros and Cons of Increasing Officer Authority to Impose or Remove Conditions of Supervision
Jun 1991 : Caseload Standards