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Position Statements

The American Probation and Parole Association develops position statements on numerous subjects facing the field of community corrections. Position statements represent the unified stand or opinion of APPA members on a national level, usually on a matter that will have longevity. Any active member of APPA may submit a position statement to the Issues, Positions and Resolutions Committee for review.

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Aug 2020 Jul 2013: Guiding Principles for Systems Working with Youth Involved in the Justice System
Jul 2016: Adult and Juvenile Female Offenders Services
Jan 2013: Endorsing Community Corrections’ Response to Domestic Violence: Guidelines for Practice
Jan 2012: Victims of Crime
Jul 2011: Guidelines for Safe Office Design
Jul 2005: Employee-Involved Domestic Violence
Jan 2004: Reporting Hazardous Duty Statistics
Jan 2003: Communicable Diseases
Jan 2002: Discretionary Parole
Jan 2001: Crime Prevention
Jan 2000: AIDS
Jan 2000: Community Justice
Jan 1998: Conditional Early Release Program
Jan 1997: Probation
Jan 1996: Electronic Monitoring
Jan 1996: Substance Abuse Treatment
Jan 1994: Victims
Jan 1994: Weapons
Jan 1993: Non-Narcotic Analgesics
Jan 1993: Staff Safety Standards
Jan 1987: Parole
Jan 1987: Probation Pre-Sentence Investigation