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A resolution outlines a policy, practice or initiative that is proposed or is in existence and definitely states support for or opposition to the particular policy, practice or initiative.

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Mar 2017 : Use of Monetary Judgments for Justice-Involved Individuals
Feb 2015 : Juvenile Life Without Parole
Apr 2012 : Tribal Criminal Justice Access to Federal and State Criminal Data Bases
Feb 2012 : The Use of Alcohol Monitoring Devices for Alcohol Impaired Drivers
Dec 2010 : In Support of National Law Enforcement Data Exchange (N-DEx)
Jun 2010 : Pretrial Supervision
Apr 2010 : Offender Accountability for Victim Restitution
Nov 2009 : Federal Tax Refund Intercept
Sep 2007 : Restoration of Voting Rights
Sep 2005 : Probation, Parole and Community Supervision Officers Killed or Assaulted While on Duty
Jul 2005 : Supporting Community Corrections' Role in Homeland Security
Mar 2005 : Trying and Sentencing Youth Offenders
Feb 2005 : Involving Probation and Parole in Project Safe Neighborhoods
Feb 2005 : Prison Rape Elimination Act
Feb 2005 : Community Corrections Response to Elder Abuse
Feb 2005 : Victims of Crime Act
Jul 2004 : In Support of Youth Courts
Oct 2003 : Tax Refund Offset Proposal to Further Compliance with Court Orders
Aug 2003 : Staff Sexual Misconduct
Aug 2003 : Justice System’s Response to Individuals with Mental Illness
Jan 2003 : Interstate Compact for Juveniles
Jan 2001 : Probation Officer Initiative
Jan 2001 : Functional Standards for Automated Case Management System for Probation
Jan 2001 : Law-Related Education
Feb 2000 : Integrated Justice Information Systems
Nov 1999 : Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision
Jan 1992 : In Recognition of Malcolm MacDonald