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Issues in Supervising Mental Health Offenders
Presenter: Robert L. Thornton

Each year the number of offenders under supervision with mental health conditions increases. While many of these individuals successfully complete supervision, a significant number of the offenders who have been involved in killing probation and parole officers, and mental health and social workers, have a documented history of mental health issues. This two-day specialized training will examine those incidents and provide specific steps officers can take to increase their safety while still providing effective supervision and treatment services.

Upon completion of this training participants will be able to:

  • Identify and understand the basic diagnostic categories of psychiatric disorders
  • Recognize the "red flag" indicators of dangerous behaviors associated with mentally disordered offenders
  • Apply the color code of safety awareness, along with the indicators of aggressive behaviors
  • Describe and practice supervision techniques that calm aggressive behaviors and reduce risk of an attack
  • Plan and practice defensive strategies to defend against aggression

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