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Description: The Executive Master of Science degree program in Economic Crime Management from Utica College is the only graduate level program of its kind in the Americas.
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Description: The online Master of Science in Criminal Justice program from Saint Joseph’s University is a dynamic examination of the Criminal Justice system delivered by industry leaders. This MSCJ offers a choice of career-building specializations to match your interests and career goals.
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Description: A master's degree in criminology may be beneficial to law enforcement officers and other criminal justice professionals planning to move into management roles. Its wide-ranging subject area means it may be applicable to many other fields as well, such as private security, intelligence gathering and analysis, and insurance investigation.
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Description: The Number-One Predictor of Parole Failure Is Employment
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Description: Serving those who work with and support the Nation's Juvenile and Family Court Judges, Masters, Referees, and Commissioners. NJCSA offers the opportunity to improve your skills in the Juvenile Justice System through training, education and technical assistance.
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Description: National Institutes of Health Office of Science Education
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Description: A national non-profit organization providing evidence based programs for adults and juveniles caught shoplifting. Offender paid programs across 49 states as a condition of diversion/pre-trial/probation. Documented recidivism studies reveal that @97% of offenders who complete do not repeat the shoplifting offense.
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