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Description: Australian Institute of Criminology
Hits: 878  |  Rating:Rating 1.2(1.2) by 17 users  |  Added: 5/22/2009
Description: CEP is the European Organisation for Probation. It aims to promote the social inclusion of offenders through community sanctions and measures such as probation, community service, mediation and conciliation. CEP is committed to enhance the profile of probation and to improve professionalism in this field, on a national and a European level.
Hits: 610  |  Rating:Rating 1.6(1.6) by 22 users  |  Added: 7/10/2013
Description: The Department of Justice Canada
Hits: 1448  |  Rating:Rating 1.2(1.2) by 17 users  |  Added: 10/6/2008
Description: The Mexican Society of Criminology of the state of Nuevo Leon in a NGO who has the magazine Criminology, Criminalistics, and Private Security Files, Interesting links, information about the Criminology and the Forensics Sciencies in Mexico. Memebers all over the world.
Hits: 1574  |  Rating:Rating 1.2(1.2) by 17 users  |  Added: 1/3/2009
Description: United Nations Interregional Crime & Justice Research Institute
Hits: 1196  |  Rating:Rating 1.3(1.3) by 23 users  |  Added: 5/21/2009

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 in Justice  in Justice Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Centers for Disease Control and Management... Hits: 1489 Rating: rating: (1.2) (1.2)  in Justice  in Justice
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