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Description: Washington Association Juvenile Court Administrators
Hits: 1159  |  Rating:Rating 1.7(1.7) by 30 users  |  Added: 11/13/2008
Description: Westchester County Department of Correction
Hits: 1363  |  Rating:Rating 1.2(1.2) by 17 users  |  Added: 5/26/2009
Description: The Westchester County Department of Probation is a law enforcement agency that annually handles cases involving more than 2,000 youth in the Family Court system and more than 11,000 adults in the criminal courts. The goal is to promote public safety and at the same time hold offenders accountable for their actions. The department works closely with numerous criminal justice agencies, including the District Attorney’s Office, and many social services agencies.
Hits: 1027  |  Rating:Rating 1.2(1.2) by 17 users  |  Added: 8/23/2010
Description: Texax, Williamson County Community Supervision and Corrections Department
Hits: 1131  |  Rating:Rating 1.2(1.2) by 17 users  |  Added: 11/13/2008
Description: Williamson County CSCD
Hits: 1126  |  Rating:Rating 1.2(1.2) by 17 users  |  Added: 9/25/2009

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 in Corrections  in Corrections American Correctional Association The American Correctional Association is the oldest and Largest international correctional association in the world.... Hits: 1484 Rating: rating: (1.2) (1.2)  in Corrections  in Corrections
 in Corrections  in Corrections