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Description: Maine Law Enforcement Association
Hits: 1691  |  Rating:Rating 1.5(1.5) by 27 users  |  Added: 5/26/2009
Description: Washington State Law Enforcement Association
Hits: 1508  |  Rating:Rating 1.8(1.8) by 30 users  |  Added: 5/26/2009
Description: High Technology Crime Investigation Association
Hits: 1448  |  Rating:Rating 1.5(1.5) by 26 users  |  Added: 5/22/2009
Description: The Legal Systems Network provides information on the legal and criminal justice systems.
Hits: 1415  |  Rating:Rating 1.7(1.7) by 31 users  |  Added: 1/4/2009
Description: New Jersey Law Enforcement Association
Hits: 1412  |  Rating:Rating 1.5(1.5) by 26 users  |  Added: 5/26/2009
Description: The FBI's NGI system will be a replacement to the current IAFIS. The NGI Program will offer state-of-the-art biometric identification services and compile core capabilities that will serve as the platform for multimodal functionality, including mobile ID, facial recognition, palmprints and iris.
Hits: 1325  |  Rating:Rating 1.2(1.2) by 17 users  |  Added: 9/28/2011
Description: Assists law enforcement and corporate investigators to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to combat 21st Century crime where the use or abuse of digital technology is an element of an offense.
Hits: 1250  |  Rating:Rating 1.3(1.3) by 26 users  |  Added: 10/6/2008
Description: National Sheriffs' Association
Hits: 1240  |  Rating:Rating 1.5(1.5) by 26 users  |  Added: 10/6/2008

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