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Description: Criminal Justice Pursuit is a free, educational website helping students earn a criminal justice degree with information about programs, online colleges, and criminal justice careers.
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Description: is an informational resource for those interested in pursing education and careers options among criminal justice and law enforcement professions. Our goal is to gather information and data from trusted and authoritative sources and compile them in an easy to understand format. We strive to provide insights into the many criminal justice career options, including job descriptions, specializations, salary data, job growth, and degree options. In addition, we provide information on campus based and online schools offering criminal justice and legal programs.
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Description: Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs offers domestic violence training and resources based on The Duluth Model to help community activists, domestic violence workers, practitioners in the criminal and civil justice systems, human service providers, and community leaders make a direct impact on domestic violence.
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Description: Helping aspiring individuals looking to get into law enforcement by providing them with free step by step information on get started and will point them to the proper state agency.
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»  Law Schools i
Description: Law schools and law colleges directory.
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»  Marquette i
Description: Enhance your education with a graduate certificate in law enforcement management and leadership.
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Description: Overview
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Description: Our comprehensive list of online criminal justice degrees sorted by specialty offers 71 colleges and 259 programs, as well as tuition information. Specialties include homeland security, cyber security, forensic science, and crime scene investigation, among others.
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