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Description: Alabama Correctional Organization
Hits: 1751  |  Rating:Rating 1.7(1.7) by 33 users  |  Added: 11/28/2011
Description: The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) is an international association established in 1963 to foster professional and scholarly activities in the field of criminal justice. ACJS promotes criminal justice education, research, and policy analysis within the discipline of criminal justice for both educators and practitioners. Providing a forum for disseminating ideas related to issues in research, policy, education, and practice within the field, ACJS attributes its success in creating this dynamic professional association to the composition of its membership. As change expands the existing boundaries of the criminal justice field, ACJS is comprised of members from a variety of diversified backgrounds including: • Scholars who are international in scope and multidisciplinary in orientation, • Professionals from all sectors of the criminal justice system, and • Students seeking to explore the criminal justice field as future scholars or practitioners Through the vital interchange of ideas among these groups, ACJS members develop and share knowledge about critical issues regarding crime and criminal and social justice. ACJS is comprised of an amalgam of scholars (international in scope and multidisciplinary in orientation), professionals (from all segments of the justice system), and students. Our success in creating this dynamic professional association is due to the variety of interest represented in its membership.
Hits: 877  |  Rating:Rating 1.6(1.6) by 32 users  |  Added: 5/8/2014
Description: Arizona Chief Probation Officers Association
Hits: 1994  |  Rating:Rating 1.8(1.8) by 31 users  |  Added: 9/25/2009
Description: Association of Oregon Corrections Employees
Hits: 1514  |  Rating:Rating 1.8(1.8) by 30 users  |  Added: 11/28/2011
Description: Athens-Clarke County Probation
Hits: 1308  |  Rating:Rating 1.8(1.8) by 30 users  |  Added: 9/25/2009
Description: From law enforcement to corrections and private security, leadership positions in criminal justice are diverse and in demand. Gain the unique skills and training needed by earning an MPA with a Criminal Justice specialization from Anna Maria College.
Hits: 810  |  Rating:Rating 1.6(1.6) by 29 users  |  Added: 9/2/2014
Description: The Board of Pardons and Paroles considers parole for adults committed to state correctional institutions and administers adult probation and parole services through district offices that administer branch offices serving the counties in the state. Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles P. O. Box 302405 Montgomery, AL 36130-2405 (Deliveries only: 301 S. Ripley St., Montgomery AL 36104) Phone: (334) 242-1695 Fax: (334) 353-3391
Hits: 6036  |  Rating:Rating 1.5(1.5) by 29 users  |  Added: 10/6/2008
Description: Addiction Technology Transfer Centers
Hits: 1258  |  Rating:Rating 1.5(1.5) by 29 users  |  Added: 11/12/2008

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