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Description: Since 1987 we have been providing correctional ceu-approved training internationally. We provide live, online & conference workshops. References on site.
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Description: Justice Standards Clearinghouse Implementation
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Description: Justice Solutions also has an extensive list of links on their website…could pull relevant ones from their list.
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Description: Justice Programs Office of the School of Public Affairs
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Description: We specialize in using computer mapping—otherwise known as Geographic Information Systems or GIS—to help our partners better understand, evaluate, and communicate criminal justice and other social policy information. Our mapping studies are used by legislators, government agencies, research institutes, technical assistance providers, and the media. Explore our site to find out more about us and visit our Project Gallery to view some of our recent studies.
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Description: Justice Information Sharing
Hits: 1704  |  Rating:Rating 1.2(1.2) by 22 users  |  Added: 11/13/2008
Description: Judicial Alternatives of Georgia
Hits: 1326  |  Rating:Rating 1.2(1.2) by 22 users  |  Added: 9/25/2009
Description: Judges' Criminal Justice/Mental Health Leadership Initiative
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 Order Descending Washington Department of Corrections Within the Department of Corrections, The Community Corrections Division supervises offenders who have either been confi... Hits: 5549 Rating: rating: (1.6) (1.6)