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Description: Loyola University New Orleans' master's degree in Criminal Justice Administration focuses on honing the skills and knowledge required to succeed, and lead, in today's demanding criminal justice administration environment.
Hits: 927  |  Rating:Rating 1.6(1.6) by 22 users  |  Added: 4/15/2014
Description: Louisiana Probation and Parole Officers Association
Hits: 1521  |  Rating:Rating 1.2(1.2) by 17 users  |  Added: 11/28/2011
Description: Louisiana Juvenile Officers Association
Hits: 1169  |  Rating:Rating 1.2(1.2) by 17 users  |  Added: 11/28/2011
Description: The Board of Parole reviews adult cases to determine appropriate parole action. It has no administrative function over probation and parole officers. The Division of Probation and Parole, under the Department of Public Safety and Corrections, supervises all felony adult probationers and parolees (with the exception of Criminal Neglect of Family, and interstate compact cases. The local courts have their own misdemeanant officers. Department of Corrections P. O. Box 94304, Capitol Station (Deliveries only: 504 Mayflower St.) Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9304 Phone: (225) 342-6609 Fax: (225) 342-3087
Hits: 4020  |  Rating:Rating 1.3(1.3) by 19 users  |  Added: 10/8/2008
Description: Los Angeles Division of Probation and Parole
Hits: 2589  |  Rating:Rating 1.5(1.5) by 26 users  |  Added: 9/25/2009
»  Los Angeles County Hot!Thumbs upi
Description: Los Angeles County Inmate lookup
Hits: 1952  |  Rating:Rating 1.4(1.4) by 26 users  |  Added: 10/16/2008
Description: Loryx Systems, Inc.
Hits: 1468  |  Rating:Rating 1.5(1.5) by 27 users  |  Added: 9/25/2009
Description: Lifeloc is a trusted provider of American made professional breath alcohol tests for law enforcement and corrections
Hits: 1147  |  Rating:Rating 1.7(1.7) by 31 users  |  Added: 12/6/2012

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 Order Descending Draeger, Inc. We are a registered ignition interlock provider with many locations throughout the U.S. Many probation officers refer du... Hits: 52 Rating: rating: (5) (5)