Accreditation Process

  • Submitting agencies are encouraged to submit their completed application package and required supplemental materials at least 60 days prior to the start date of the training.
  • Applications will be reviewed within 30 days of receipt of the application, unless otherwise notified.
  • APPA encourages applicants to submit their application packages and supplemental material via email. If it is not available in an electronic format, hard copies may be submitted. However, to submit hard copies via postal mail, the submitting agency must send 3 copies of the complete application package and supplemental materials.
  • APPA will provide a copy of the application package and supplemental materials to the assigned APPA Accreditation Committee members for review. The committee members will convey their decision about accreditation to the APPA staff person.
  • APPA will notify the contact person of the submitting agency via email of the accreditation committee’s findings.
  • If accreditation is awarded, a final fee will be determined by APPA and an invoice for the accreditation will be attached to the email sent by APPA notifying the submitting agency of the approval for accreditation.
  • Upon receipt of the final payment for accreditation, APPA will send a letter and a certificate of accreditation specifying the number of contact hours for which the course/curriculum is accredited.
  • If accreditation is not awarded, APPA will send a letter to the submitting agency that outlines the criteria the committee felt were not satisfied and will invite the applicant to modify and/or re-submit the additional information needed for subsequent review.
  • Training accreditation is in effect for three years from the date of issuance. If substantive changes are made to the course/curriculum during that time frame (e.g., a new module is added, a module is deleted, major revisions to content, etc.), the accreditation will be void. To maintain accreditation the submitting agency must contact and notify APPA of the change(s) and submit appropriate information for an additional review. Additional fees may apply.
  • At the end of the 3-year period, APPA will notify the submitting agency the accreditation is due to expire. At that point, the submitting agency can determine if it would like to submit the course/curriculum for re-accreditation. See re-accreditation process for existing courses/curriculum.