Accreditation Requirements

For a course/curriculum to be considered for accreditation, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Online courses/curriculum must contain a minimum of .5 contact hours.
  • Classroom-based courses/curriculum must be a minimum of 4 contact hours.
  • Topics should be based on information relevant to the professional development of community supervision practitioners.
  • Course/curriculum must have specific requirements for satisfactory completion of the course/curriculum upon which the award of contact hours will be based.
  • Course/curriculum must be based on results from a training needs assessment which substantiates the course/curriculum’s responsiveness to the needs of the target audience and relevant to the learners’ professional development, continuing education, and/or job requirements.
  • Course content and instructional methodologies should adhere to adult learning principles.
  • Course/curriculum must have measureable learning objectives.
  • Course/curriculum must be sequenced to facilitate learning and permit opportunities for the learner to interact with the material and receive feedback.
  • Course/curriculum should include processes to evaluate the learning outcomes for learners and to assess the overall course design and effectiveness of the course/curriculum.
  • Course content must be written or provided by competent individuals as documented by appropriate academic training, professional licensing, certification, or professionally recognized experience.
  • Submitting agencies must complete and submit the appropriate Accreditation Application Package in its entirety and include all relevant and required supplemental materials.
  • After the accreditation is approved, prior to receiving the accreditation certificate from APPA, submitting agencies must submit final payment. Final cost will be determined by APPA and based on the final number of contact hours plus additional costs, if necessary. See accreditation costs for more detail.