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Enhanced Pay
Updated: Oct 2009

Regarding Enhanced Pay of Officers

  1. Does your agency/state/department offer increased salary levels for those officers who enter with a Masters degree or who have Licensed Mental Health Professional or Licensed Alcohol Drug Counseling certifications? If so, what additional pay percentage is offered?

In Yavapai County, no, I am a licensed clinical social worker and I do not get any type of preference for positions or a pay increase. -

San Diego County Probation does not offer such incentives but higher level education is encouraged via partnerships with local schools for tuition discounts. -

No to all. -

No, but I have a masters in community counseling I am a Profession clinical counselor supervisor, a licensed independent chemical dependency counselor and a certified clinical criminal justice specialist and make the same pay as someone coming in with a bachelors degree!! But it is job security and I did not have that anywhere else. -

Your question was whether our agency recognizes those with master level degree with an increase in pay. The answer for state employees of KS working for the Office of Judicial Administration is no. When I first came to work, the state did not have probation unified across the state. At that time, those hired by Johnson County government to do adult and juvenile probation were recognized for having or obtaining a masters degree in a related field. My masters degree is in psychology. Once we unified under the state office, that distinction went away. It was disappointing that a higher level of education was not recognized. And, although some staff today will seek further their education, it was more universally sought after in the past than it is today. With all the movement towards evidenced based practices, motivational interviewing and helping clients to truly change behaviors, one would think that there would be more of an incentive to encourage a higher level of education to promote these things. -

We offer a 10% salary increase to both new hires with a Master's degree and current employees who receive a Master's while employed with P and P. The Master's must be in a field related to the job. -

New York
If you have a masters degree you will receive 10% on your base salary in Schenectady County in the probation and social services department. -

Unfortunately, Dallas County CSCD does not offer an increased salary level for officers with a Masters degree or professional licensure. I wish that we did because I hold both at this time.

In Jefferson County, we have a salary grade system which allows for additional pay for persons with 18 hours or greater on their Master’s degree, and even more for having a Master’s Degree. The difference is around $1,200.00 (above a Bachelor’s Degree) more for 18 hours or greater and $2,500.00 for the Masters Degree. There is no additional pay incentive for a Doctorate or a JD. -

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