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DWI Pretrial Supervision
Updated: Sep 2010

  1. Do you provide assessment and/or monitoring/supervision to pretrial DWI/DUI defendants? If yes, is the defendant enrolled as part of statute, law, court order, or on a voluntary basis?

New York, Rensselaer County
I am probation officer in upstate New York, specifically Rensselaer County. We do an assessment at the time of the presentence investigation for DWI offenders. We have been using the Mortimer Filkins screening device. Some clients do engage in treatment prior to being sentenced, but that is on a voluntary basis until sentence is imposed. - Janice Bell

Virginia, Fairfax
In the VASAP program (Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program) offenders can elect to be supervised and monitored prior to sentencing as pre‐enrollment status, which is voluntary. A participation agreement is signed at that time. If the case is dismissed, any fees paid during participation in the program are not refunded, which is part of the agreement. - Ann Beranis, Probation Counselor III

West Virginia
Northern panhandle treatment, court we provide assessments for DUI’s. - Jim Lee

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