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Supervision Fees
Updated: Sep 2002

This info was compiled from the NIC Community Corrections Division and Information Center’s listServ. Read APPA's Issue Paper on Supervision Fees.

  1. What are supervision fees for offenders who are under community supervision?

Arizona, Gila County
Based on recent state legislative changes, we moved to $50.00 per month as a minimum for probation services fees (adult and juvenile, standard and intensive probation). There is an additional one-time fee of $5.00 at the start of probation. Judges in Gila County are assessing more than the $50.00 based on offender's ability to pay. - Paul Kosierowski -

California, Mendocino County
In Mendocino County, CA, we charge $28/mo. for all supervision services for adults, except electronic monitoring, which is the hourly rate plus $3 per day. - Bob McAlister

California, Santa Barbara County
Probation Fees 2002 Adults Juvenile
Investigation- misdemeanor (short)  $406 n/a
Investigation- misdemeanor (long) $533 n/a
Investigation- felony $939 n/a
Probation Supervision $31/mo. n/a
Parole Supervision $146/mo. n/a
Comm. Svc Work Enrollment Fee $50/70/100/200 $25/40/50
Comm. Service Work Transfer Fee $25 $12
Comm. Service Work Extension Fee $25 $12
Urinalysis Testing Fee (if billed) $15 n/a
Urinalysis Testing Fee (if paid at test) $5 n/a
Drug Court Probation Fee $780 n/a
EM Application Fee (paid to vendor)  $50 no charge
EM Supervision (paid to vendor) $14/day no charge
- Susan Gionfriddo

In Georgia we collect a statutorily imposed $20.00 per month. Any change would require legislation. - Alan Adams

In Georgia, the State Board of Pardons and Paroles imposes a $20 per month supervision fee on all parolees for the duration of the parole period. - Tom McBrayer

Illinois charges $25 per month for probation cases unless the defendant meets indigent status guidelines. - Jesse Reyes

In Iowa there is a $250 one-time fee for all on supervision - Gary Hinzman

Kansas charges $25 per month for parole cases unless the case is on indigent status. - Robert Sanders

For the second consecutive year Mississippi, like most other states, is adjusting to having less tax revenues than anticipated coupled with the increased cost of providing basic services. The end result for the Department of Corrections like other agencies across the state and nation has been the necessity of "Doing More With Less". This has seriously affected our ability to provide additional or replacement equipment, vehicles etc. for our Field Officers. We are currently exploring the feasibility (Pros and Cons) of increasing the supervision fees assessed for offenders under MDOC's Community Corrections supervision. The current fees are $30.00 a month for regular supervision (Probation, Parole, ERS, etc.) and $50.00 per month for offenders on the Intensive Supervision Program ISP (House Arrest / Electronic Monitoring). - Lora Cole

Missouri does not charge a supervision fee. However, we do charge for a variety of services, such as electronic monitoring, residential facilities, community release centers, and some drug testing and substance abuse treatment services. The courts charge a standard court cost and a victim’s compensation fee, which is collected by the circuit clerks, although we monitor and enforce payments schedules, but this, is not a supervision fee. - Scott Johnson

Nebraska doesn't charge a supervision fee, however, we do have user costs for electronic monitoring, urine analysis and certain types of offender assessments. - Ed Birkel ( )

The State of Nevada charges a flat fee of $30.00 per month for probationers and parolees, unless they have a financial hardship, in which case the monthly supervision fee will be waived. - Warren Lutzow ( )

New Hampshire
New Hampshire assesses a fee of 40.00/month on all probationers and parolees. The fee can be waived in cases of indigence or excessive restitution or for other good causes. The funds are not retained by the agency but go to the general fund. - Larry Blaisdell ( )

New York
NYS allows local counties to pass local legislation requiring adult probationers convicted of DWI & related offenses to be charged a $30 fee. monthly supervision fee. There is a waiver based on inability to pay. Some counties have elected to impose fees beyond this population. - Vicky Casey ( )

New York
Dutchess County New York charges $30.00 per month, regardless of the program, for probation supervision. This does not include juveniles, however. - Mary Ellen Still ( )

North Dakota
North Dakota charges offenders $36.00 per month for supervision. We allow offenders to work-off the fees by doing community service at $6.00 per hour. The great majority of offenders pay the cash when faced with doing the work. - Warren Emmer ( )

Northern Mariana Islands
Our statute allows our courts to determine a supervision fee collection at a minimum of $20.00 - $100.00 per annum - considering the nature of the offense and level of supervision required. The CNMI (Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands) Government Finance set a separate account from the general account exclusively for this fund. The Fund is non-lapsing and is intended to supplement Superior Court Probation Division appropriations. The Presiding Judge in consultation with the Chief Probation Officer, determine client services and programs, eligible to receive sums from the Fund. - Ursula Aldan ( )

Ohio charges a flat fee of $20 per month for parole cases. - Harry Hageman ( )

Oklahoma per statute collects $40. per month from probation and parole offenders. - Justin Jones ( )

South Dakota
South Dakota charges $10 per month for regular supervision and $15 a month for intensive supervision. - Ed Lightenberg ( )

Tennessee charges probationers and parolees $15.00 supervision fee monthly and up to $30.00 per month for Criminal Injuries Compensation fees. The total fees collected cannot currently exceed $ 45.00 per month. We also have hardship exemptions. - Jim Cosby ( )

Our courts have recently raised the supervision fee to $60 per month, the maximum amount allowed by Texas statutes. This fee is routine unless it is obvious in court that it would be an extreme financial hardship on the offender. If it is determined later by the probation department that this fee is more than the offender can reasonably pay, we go back to court and ask for a reduction. Seldom does that happen. - Melvin Brown Jr. ( )

The State of Virginia does not have a supervision fee. - James R. Camache

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