Resource Announcement

APPA Board of Directors Release National Branding Initiative
Released: 08/21/2008

Dear Colleague:

It’s my pleasure to announce the launch of our Nation Branding Initiative, designed to help you, your department and our field clearly and consistently communicate our collective new brand identity in your community.

To that end, I am also happy to present the tag line and image that was overwhelmingly approved by the Board of Directors of APPA at its recent meeting during the 33rd Annual Training Institute in Las Vegas. APPA has already incorporated the tag line and image into staff signatures and we hope that everyone will add them to their own marketing campaign using the tips in this kit.

The kit is an important tool to help probation, parole and community supervision agencies and professionals align our communications in a way that uniformly helps audiences understand our core mission and work. This is especially important and timely in the context of current crime and sociological trends and unprecedented levels of ex-offenders reentering the community. By using the kit faithfully, we will create a recognizable, meaningful, and respected brand for our field in our communities and across the nation.

There’s never been a more important opportunity for us as professionals to clearly articulate who we are, what we do, and the pivotal role we play in the community and in the justice system.

As we struggle with growing and challenging caseloads amid stagnant budgets, research shows that citizens and other key influencers are largely unaware of the services we provide. Yet, when informed, they support the activities of Community Corrections or Probation and Parole. (Your department may have a preference for one title versus the other, and our communications have been structured to provide this flexibility.)

It’s clear that we must do a better job of communicating the crucial benefits we bring to our communities and to society. To that end, we have invested time and resources to develop a clear, meaningful identity and a powerful communications platform.

Successful brands communicate with a consistent voice to shape a specific perception of their organizations.

Our field’s new brand will function in the same way. By communicating our new identity thoughtfully and consistently, we will become better known in our communities for the valuable, successful services we provide every day.

The attached kit provides the tools you’ll need to communicate our new brand identity and supporting messages. Here’s what you will find:

  • The Brand platform is the brand positioning statement and promise that articulates who we are and what we do. It sets a tone and personality that is credible and powerful, and spotlights the high-level benefits we bring. Think of this as language that summarizes our identity and value proposition.
  • Key messages are a series of succinct statements and proof points designed to quickly and clearly communicate our mission and the value we provide. The more consistently we use and support these key messages, the quicker awareness of our brand will grow.
  • Narrative for Change puts what we do in context of sweeping prison reentry trends.
  • Logo and tagline are the graphic symbol and brief descriptor that visually express our brand. Both should appear on all of our communication vehicles, from letterhead and Web sites to posters and brochures. Reproducible artwork and the visual identity system guidelines are provided.
  • Backgrounder/fact sheet is a clear, useful resource of factual information about our field and your organization in narrative form. Pull verbiage as needed from this sheet for both internal and external communications.
  • Case at-a-glance provides facts and figures to support the vital role of our field and why public, government, and funding support is so important.
  • Media outreach tips are a resource to help with community media needs. It includes a sample pitch letter, tips for successfully working with media, and techniques for media interviews.
  • Meeting materials provide guidance in introducing the new brand to staff and personnel in your department.
  • Contact information is provided so you have a resource if questions arise about rolling out the brand in your area.
  • The new brand is the cornerstone of building positive awareness and support for our profession and its great work. We hope you share our excitement and commitment in leveraging it for a bright future.

Thank you for your support.

Carl Wicklund
Executive Director

To learn more and download these materials please visit our National Branding Initiative area.