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Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing has been named an evidence-based practice (Department of Justice) due to the many advantages this approach offers line staff when working with reluctant and/or resistant offenders. This series is designed to advance your department (or your personal practice) into the competencies and skills sets necessary to practice from a motivational perspective. Learn how offenders can talk themselves in (or out) of behavior change and gain ‘how to’s” for increasing this “change talk”—even in brief interactions. This series will take you through the researched-based strategies and techniques that have been shown to increase a mandated offender’s readiness to change.

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  2. Motivational Interviewing - Advanced Session: Elicit, Amplify, and Reinforcing Change Talk
  3. Agency Implementation & Fidelity to Approach: Continued Technical Assistance & Quality Assurance