Onsite Training Category

Management Training

Probation, parole, and community supervision managers and executives are charged with the effective supervision of personnel and the development of programs, and practices that support the agency mission of the reduction of crime and the protection of the community. The following training topics are offered to assist criminal justice managers in providing effective services. Additional topics of interest can be developed as requested.

Available Training in this Category
  1. Communication Skills Workshop
  2. Doing Evidence-Based Management (EBM) Ain’t for Sissies
  3. Emergency Planning for Community Corrections Professionals
  4. Evidence-Based Practices for Corrections: An Overview
  5. Implications of Terrorism on Community Corrections Emergency Planning
  6. Measures that Work
  7. Planning to Comply with New Laws and Regulations
  8. Survival Skills for Managers and Supervisors (NCTI)
  9. The Wisdom of Teams
  10. Working with Unions